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What if just three hypnosis sessions could change your life?

I would imagine that you are visiting my website because there is something that you would like to change that has been negatively affecting you, but for some reason you never seem to quite get there, or just don't know where to start.

You have two options really; you can either do what you have always done and get the same results, or you can seek help to make those changes.

Advances in Hypnotherapy have greatly increased its success rate and efficacy. This means you can really get the changes in life that you really want.

Seeking help can be scary so take your first steps by watching the video below & by having a look around my website. Read the FAQs and About Me sections and look at the issues I can help with.

If you have any further questions, or don't see your issue, please contact me. I have been in practice for over 13 years and have thousands of hours of therapy experience ... just because it isn't listed doesn't mean I cannot help!

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What I can help you with from my therapy room...







Fears & Phobias


Other issues...




Mind Detox


Pain Management


Self Esteem




Sports Performance


Unwanted Habits


Weight Management

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