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Advice, tips and information on hypnotherapy

How to record your exercise achievements and get paid for it too!

Do you know how much exercise you have done in the last 6 months. year or 2 years? And did you reward yourself for your efforts?

Could you change your perspective?

Are you stuck with the same old perspective? What could changing that do for you?

What's in a name?

What made your day great? What made it not so great? And what could you do to make it better? Read why how you look at the past can have a positive impact on your future...

Covid Birthdays!

When a special birthday actually turns out to be even more special, thanks to wonderful friends and family.

What is Burnout...and am I vulnerable to it?

Do you know what burnout is? Do you know what causes it? Are you wondering if you are susceptible? Finding out is a good place to start

7 Tips to Help Avoid Burnout Whilst Working at Home

When you work at home, your working practices change your boundaries become blurred. Try these tips to help you manage your work life balance, and avoid burnout

How can I make my office help improve my wellbeing?

Can my environment help reduce burnout and help improve my wellbeing? Yes it are some suggestions to help get you started

What can I do in my work breaks?

Have some self-care during your break...Not sure what to do? Well here are a few ideas. What will you do?

What have you done during lockdown so far?

What have you done during lockdown? Are you happy or disappointed with what you have (or haven't) achieved? Read my blog to see how you might be filtering out the positives, and focusing on the negatives.

Be Kind....

With all this time spent on social media, don't let yourself be supportive, not destructive

Covid-19 Virus Update

You can still book a telephone or online pre-chat during the lockdown so that you are ready to start any sessions as soon as possible

Will you make me dance like a chicken?

Will I make you dance like a chicken? Do you want to? Don't be misled by the media - read my blog to find out what hypnosis really is!

I'm not your superwoman... well not always!

Just because I am a hypnotherapist doesn't mean that I am a superwoman. I still get anxious about things...just like you.

Surprise Surprise!

Sometimes something suddenly wakes us up & makes us decide we want to stop doing that which does not serve us - read about this comedian's experience.

Confession of a Hypnotherapist

Following on from my last post, read how this act of kindness changed my life!

Random Act of Kindness...

Will we ever know what happens when we complete a Random Act of Kindness, and what effects ripple out into the lives of others?

Chocolate ~ Angel or Demon?

Do you feel guilty eating chocolate? Are you fed up of the bad press chocolate gets? Well have a read of my blog about the positive benefits of eating chocolate!

It's the little things...

Big sweeping gestures are all very nice...but sometimes it's the little things that have the biggest impact.

Self-Appreciation & Celebrating Wins

Sometimes when we are on any 'journey' we are so busy focusing on the end goal, that we don't stop to enjoy the process, or appreciate the achievements we make on the way.

5 Great Tips for New Non-Smokers

I find that a lot of my smoking clients have tried to stop smoking before but have not really thought about how they will deal with the sudden change in habits and cravings. Here are 5 tips that can help keep you on track.

How do you Motivate Yourself to Exercise?

I am loving my new exercise regime but sometimes I need a little motivation to go to the gym. Try these easy ways to help you be more motivated to exercise!

How Happy are your Employees?

How happy are your employees? Does their mindset help or hinder your business? How could you create an environment that will help your business to thrive? Check out these 9 simple ideas to get you started.

Enjoy Easter Without Over-eating or Missing Out!

Learn how you can strike a balance between over-indulging and missing out by easily implementing these 5 small tweaks in how you eat.