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Will you make me dance like a chicken?



November 2019

Annalise Kirk

Blog Post

Do you want to dance like a chicken? Many people get their ideas about hypnosis from television, books or films, and whilst the plot lines make for good entertainment,they are often inaccurate and misleading, often putting people off considering hypnosis as a way for them to help their issues.

At least once a week I get asked if I make people dance around like chickens (do they even dance?) or to 'look into my eyes' (I do have nice eyes...) or to come 'back into the room' - why where have they been?

Put simply “hypnosis”is the art and science of suggestion and to achieve success and help you to work towards getting the best results from hypnosis, you need to have the correct mindset, that is, a set of attitudes and behaviours that help to create responses.

This hypnotic mindset is a state of focused attention and is made up of normal psychological processes; your beliefs,imagination, expectations, attitudes towards hypnosis, level of motivation,depth of engagement all combine to create hypnosis.  If you are motivated to use hypnosis and confident in your ability to respond; are optimistic about the hypnotic process and expect to automatically experience the responses or outcomes being suggested or imagined, then you are in the right mindset for hypnosis. In essence, it is a skill.

Whilst in this mindset and state of focused attention, you are more susceptible to suggestions or visual imagery which are intended to invoke ideas/thoughts/feelings that lead to certain desired hypnotic responses. People who engage in hypnosis with this positive hypnotic mindset will respond better as they are in the right mindset for hypnosis.

So that's it...not some mystical experience...it's actually something you do naturally every day when you read a book, become engrossed in a TV show, or even when baking or exercising.

If you want to see more misconceptions dispelled, visit my FAQs page.

About Annalise Kirk

Annalise Kirk is a professional hypnotherapist based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Annalise has been a qualified, full-time hypnotherapist since 2010 and has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and overcome personal issues using hypnosis, CBT and NLP techniques.

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