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About Supervision

Find out more about the benefits of supervision

About Supervision

Supervision is a professional service for Hypnotherapists and involves meeting with a qualified supervisor to discuss, in confidence, ongoing cases and issues arising from them; to reflect on these issues, receive feedback and where appropriate, guidance; and to work through any personal matters that might affect your position or ability as a practising therapist.

Why is supervision important?

helps build a safe & successful hypnotherapy practice
helps you to work safely and ethically
supports self care to benefit you & your practice
can help lower stress & burnout levels
helps with knowledge & skills development
promotes professional accountability
helps with personal development and personal growth
can increase job satisfation

Supervision Services for you

So how can I help?

Firstly I can support you to help maintain the safety & effectiveness of your practice, helping you to work within ethical guidelines, the law & regulations that may affect your practice.

Secondly I can offer you emotional support, help you develop coping strategies & self care, helping you to avoid issues such as burnout & secondary traumatic stress.

Lastly, I can support you to help maintain the safety & effectiveness of your practice, helping you work within ethical guidelines, the law, and regulations that may affect your practice.

Supervision Options

1:1 Supervision

1 hr individual supervision session
Session in person or online


Group Supervision

2 hour group supervision session
In person group sessions only


The duration & frequency of supervision will be agreed between us dependant on your circumstances & requirements

If you are interested in my supervision services, please email me at or book a free consultation using the button at the top of the page.