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It's the little things...



May 2019

Annalise Kirk

Blog Post

A few weeks ago, my car broke down...and died...resulting in me having to get my poor old dad to come and tow me back to his house (I'm sure he didn't sign up for that!)

Luckily for me, although I had driven on 2 busy 'A' roads, and a fast and windy country lane, my car gave up on a much quieter road half a mile or so from my parents house.  We were probably there for some 30-40 mins, trying to work out where to attach the tow rope etc as it was hidden, then Dad needing to pop home to get a special key to undo the fitting. I was getting quite stressed, especially at the thought of being towed (on quite a short rope) through some traffic lights and a one lane road where we didn't have priority.  

Whilst I was there, a lady from a nearby house came out, offered us tea and the use of her loo, and also the use of her drive for a few days if we wanted to park the car there.  I chatted to her for a few minutes before we got on our way.  It didn't cost her much to offer those things, but at a time when I was feeling quite stressed, the kind actions of a stranger meant a lot.

Only a day before, I had lent my phone to a stressed out (but extremely grateful) mother who I had overheard saying that she had left her phone at home, but needed to contact her dad; and at the weekend, a lady gave me a carrier bag after hearing me say to Gary whilst queuing in Iceland, that we had a million bags at home but none with us. Yesterday I left a bag of rhubarb in the office kitchen for people to help themselves too - and it all went!

My phone call cost me nothing but a few minutes of my time; the rhubarb was surplus; the lady who gave us the carrier bag had loads but it had probably cost her 10p at some point; the most it would have cost the lady who offered assistance when I broke down would be the price of a cuppa.

The thing is, these actions give us all a good feeling...whether we are the one offering help, or receiving it.  I am all for random acts of favourite being to offer to take a photo when I see someone taking a group photo, so that are all in the photo (we all have photos where someone is left out because they are the one taking the photo).  I think Gary used to be quite amused by this, but this last weekend when we were watching Rugby7s at Twickenham, someone asked him to take a group photo for them! I wonder how many of those photos are now treasured?

My point is you don't have to make big sweeping gestures to have an impact on someone's day!

What could you do?

About Annalise Kirk

Annalise Kirk is a professional hypnotherapist based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Annalise has been a qualified, full-time hypnotherapist since 2010 and has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and overcome personal issues using hypnosis, CBT and NLP techniques.

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