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Sleep Workshop

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What would having a good nights' sleep do for you?

Short-term sleep issues are annoying but long term sleep problems can have a deeper & far more serious impact. Your quality of sleep directly impacts on your health & well-being, your relationships and your work performance. If you experience poor sleep, then these areas are most likely being affected
If you would like to learn all about sleep, how you can make adjustments to improve your sleep, learn techniques that will help you get a better night's sleep & experience a group hypnosis session, join me at my workshop.

What does it include?

2 hour workshop with Annalise Kirk
Insights into what sleep is, what it does, & the impact of sleep deprivation
Tips & techniques for a better night's sleep
Self-Hypnosis Techniques to help lull you to sleep
Group Hypnosis Session for Better Sleep
Customised workshops available on request

Please contact me if you would like me to deliver this course for you

2 hrs


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