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Covid-19 Information

Find out more about how we are managing the clinic during the pandemic

Covid-19 Information

Covid 19 Precautions

As we continue to cope with the far-reaching impact of COVID-19, Annalise Kirk Hypnotherapy is constantly keeping abreast with all of the updates from the government & Public Health England. Of particular importance are the guidelines with regard to managing sessions while ensuring the maintenance of everyone's health and safety.

Zoom Sessions

Annalise Kirk Hypnotherapy will continue to offer video therapy sessions via Zoom. It will also continue to be the medium of choice as we continue to manage our exposure to any/all public health risks.

In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions have now resumed in compliance with government guidelines.

Although in-person sessions resume, this does not automatically mean it is the best option for you & you can continue postponing any outstanding appointments or go online if you wish

Therapeutic considerations, urgency, as well as your own health & safety risks should be factors in your decision-making for in-person sessions,.  

If you are deemed clinically vulnerable or extremely clinically vulnerable, you should not come in. If you are considered vulnerable, I will not be able to book any sessions for you.

To check if you are vulnerable, click on the link below

Am I vulnerable?

Requirements for in-person sessions include (but are not limited to):

• Ensuring that you maintain proper physical distancing protocols
• Washing your hands/using hand sanitizers regularly
• Attending your session no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time
• Wearing a face covering if commuting by public transit & whilst in the communal parts of the building

By consenting to in-person sessions you understand that by coming to the office building, you are assuming risk of exposure to the coronavirus (or other public health risk). If you contract coronavirus as a result of our sessions I will not be held accountable. This risk may increase if you travel by public transportation, cab, or ride-sharing service. It is therefore strongly recommended that if commuting by public transport, you wear a face covering to reduce your risk of exposure as advised by the UK government.

In Person Session Precautions

Much will remain the same for our in-person sessions but I will be taking the following precautions:

• I will not be using public transport to travel to the office

• As usual I plan to be in reception when you arrive

• If you arrive early please remain outside or in your car until 5 minutes before our session.  Our reception area is open, but please make sure that you maintain social distancing.  Unfortunately I cannot guarantee the level of responsibility or activity of others in our building, but it is easy to observe social distancing there & there is plenty of room between chairs etc

• You are required to wear a face mask in the communal areas of the building

• Hand sanitiser is available both at reception & in my office – please use this before & after our sessions.  Anti-bacterial wipes are also available

• I will be washing/sanitising my hands before & after our appointment

• There will not be any physical contact such as shaking hands

• I will open all doors for you as we make our way to the office.  If you need to use the lift, you will do so by yourself & I will use the stairs

• I will not be able to offer you any of my fabulous tea or coffee so as to avoid cross-contamination (I am rubbish at making it as some of you know!) so please bring a drink or some water with you if you wish

• Blankets/cushions/tissues will be removed from the office

• We will be able to maintain the recommended social distancing measures in my office & the chairs will continue to be two metres apart.  Otherwise, our sessions will not be much different than before

• Any supporting documentation will be sent to you via email

• I will be disinfecting all client areas in my office, & client appointments will be spaced far enough apart to enable office sanitisation between clients

• Those clients who are shielding or most vulnerable should delay making any appointments until further restrictions are lifted.  If this is you, please email me & I will keep a note to contact you when it is safer for you to attend the office

• Rubbish is disposed of on a frequent basis

• I will continue to monitor my own health during this pandemic

Ahead of your in-person session, you will be asked to carefully review & sign an additional consent relating to maintaining our mutual health & safety. For as long as you continue to attend in-person sessions, this agreement will remain binding between us & is in addition to any other agreements between us.

If you have had any Covid 19 symptoms in the 14 days prior to your appointment, or come into contact with anyone with Coronavirus, please do not come in

Contact me as soon as possible & I will vacate your appointment which we will re-book at a later date or organise an online session via Zoom.

Your Health is our Priority

If you are feeling ill, your health remains priority. Do not attend in person if you feeling physically unwell in any way. Please contact me by text (07769 650161), phone or email to cancel/reschedule your session, even if less than 24 hours before. The late cancellation fee will be waived for health reasons if you cancel less than 24 hours ahead of your session